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Thank you for visiting Better with Ij. This platform was established by a Nurse with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and more than 15 years of cummulative nursing experience. This nurse has devoted her professional life to enhancing the health of both her patients and the community as a whole.


Better with Ij

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Welcome to Better with Ij founded by a nurse practitioner who has dedicated her career to helping people achieve better health and wellness. With my strong background in nursing, extensive knowledge of both traditional medicine and alternative therapies, I have sustained long term results with proven sustainable practice.

With all the first-hand experience gained in various healthcare settings, from hospitals to private practices, I have seen the impact that a holistic approach to wellness can have on people’s lives. I truly do believe that wellness is not just about treating symptoms, but about addressing the root causes of illness and promoting overall wellbeing. With this philosophy in mind, my wellness brand was born.

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Ijeoma Okoro, DNP, APRN, MSN, FNP-BC founder of Better with Ij has a strong 15-year clinical background in Nursing.  Her approach to wellness is simple, it integrates physical, mental, social methods for optimal sustainability. Health management transcends all ages so finding a practitioner that will relate to all her clients needs is vital. 

"My lifestyle has improved since I was introduced to your program"

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Great service IJ!

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I have known Ij and her team for years and their consistency to lifestyle changes have been easy to maintain my health needs.

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I have known Ij and hr team for years and she has been consistent with her wellness guide.

About Better WIth IJ

We Are Here for You

Ijeoma Okoro, APRN, MSN, FNP-BC founder of Better with Ij has a strong 15-year clinical background in Nursing. She started in the Emergency Room as a bedside nurse and transitioned to an occupational health management setting. Outside of practice, her passions include seeking ways to sustain personal growth and motivating others to do the same. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, strength training, a huge sport fan who relishes watching Arsenal with her husband and the joys of being a being a mother to her two beautiful daughters is her most treasured title.

Your illness does not define you. Your strength and courage does.” – Anonymous

Our brand is passionate about helping people be better by placing emphasis on the little things that becomes part of our lifestyle